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Add option to veto Apple related files

Added by Bruce Simpson over 8 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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It has been noted elsewhere that configuration changes to afpd alone cannot stop [[MacOS]] X clients from creating the necessary files and directories to support Finder activity.

To this end, it would be useful to 'veto' the files and directories thus created, to prevent them being seen from within the SMB view of the filesystem namespace. The visibility of these entries is completely benign, but may be confusing to users or filesystem backup tools.

This is possible with the current GUI, but the necessary directives and paths, have to be added (and vetted) manually.

I should like to see this added as an option in the GUI. I propose this as a new feature for the next release.


#1 Updated by fracai - over 7 years ago

This may be aided by moving to Netatalk v3 (presumably with [[FreeNAS]] 9?), which can store Mac metadata and resource forks as extended attributes. See the "New [[AppleDouble]] backend" section of the upgrade documentation.

A veto option would still be necessary for .DS_Store files. While these can be disabled client side, that is a bit heavy handed for Mac clients that also connect to other Macs (where the .DS_Store creation is more likely to be desired).

#2 Updated by Anonymous about 7 years ago

Moving all enhancements to 9.2.0-RELEASE

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Just testing the order of comments, please ignore.

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