Bug #1062

Failing to boot from ISO disk

Added by kevin - almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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The error message is:
ACPI ERROR: [RAMB] Namespace lookup failure AE_NOT_FOUND (20101013/psargs-464)
ACPI EXCEPTION: AE_NOT_FOUND, Could not execute arguments for [RAMW] (Region) (20101013/nsinit-452

these occur about 20 lines before the last message line which is:

em0: Using an MSI interrupt.

The system is new: asus p8z68-v with 8G of memory.

The system will boot ubuntu from ISO disk.


#1 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

Some Google searching and problem reports on the Redhat tracker (some code in the ACPI system is common to [[FreeBSD]], Linux, etc) suggest that it might be a BIOS / APCI bug. Can you update to the latest version from ASUS and see if the issue still occurs? If it still occurs, can you try disabling ACPI at boot and see if that helps? Last but not least, if it still happens can you boot to the loader prompt (I think it was 7 on our menu) and issue the following commands?

set hw.pci.enable_msi=0
set hw.pci.enable_msix=0
boot -v

#2 Updated by kevin - almost 9 years ago

i haven't had a chance to try your suggestion yet but..

i also download freebsd 8,2 and it made it past the hang point of freenas.

another point, the timer at the boot screen doesn't work. i press spacebar to pause and it starts the boot process immediately.

i will let you know tonight the results.

thanks kevin

#3 Updated by kevin - almost 9 years ago

i chedked the bios settings for ACPI and there are no options to enable/disable it.

i executed the commands you suggested.

em0: No MSI/MSIX using legacy IRQ
em0: Reserved 0x1000 bytes for rid 0x14 type 3 at 0xfe728000

then it hangs..

ps the boot timer space bar pause works but whereas the freebsd is actually 8-10s, the freenas is at tops only 2 seconds.

thanks. kevin

#4 Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Unscreened to Closed

Please try updating your BIOS firmware to the latest vendor supported version. This particular issue closely matches one that another user ran into when upgrading to 8.0.3-RC1 and once he upgraded his BIOS the issue went away.

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