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Manual IP assignment assumes too much knowledge for FreeNAS Mini User

Added by Gary Archer over 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Warren Block
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I just received my FreeNAS Mini and followed the QSG to do the setup. The network I was using did not have DHCP so I followed the steps in the QSG. The FreeNAS Mini screen asked if I wanted to configure ISG0 or ISG1 -- I had no idea what was what (since this was the first time I'd seen ISG0/ISG1 anywhere) -- this was very confusing to me -- it continued, I picked ISG0 and then it asked if I wanted to 'Reset Network Connection' (what is that, it's no where in the QSG, do I say yes or no?) -- I should not have to know the answers to booth these questions.


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If the user is unable or unwilling to use DHCP, they will have to know the specific IP address and interface information - there's no way around that. This is why most end-users are not allowed to set their machines up directly on larger networks - they ask IT to do it. A home user would simply use DHCP and get an RFC1918 address from their Comcast router, or whatever.

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We actually have a Basecamp where we are finishing up the edits to the QSG: We expect to have the final PDF ready for printing and including with the Minis by Sept. 30. Gary, let me know if you need permission to see that BaseCamp.

I've reopened this ticket as it reminds me that we also need to mention the mDNS stuff in the accessing FreeNAS for the first time section of the built-in Guide.

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