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BitTorrent Sync ver. 2.1.3

Added by Omar Revueltas about 6 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Joshua Ruehlig
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Hello Joshua,

Its been a while since we delivered our last update, probably you've been getting the latest from the public link. The new releases are here

...and for the change log you can go to

I also wanted to ask if you could update the config file so that the faollowing variable is set to FreeNAS or FreeBSD respectively to look like this:

"vendor" : "FreeBSD",

"vendor" : "FreeNAS",

I have not heard any issues from FreeNAS and FreeBSD users, hopefully all is well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and have a nice weekend.
Omar Revueltas


#1 Updated by Joshua Ruehlig about 6 years ago

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Thanks for the notice. I plan to built the updated plugin when I get back home after this weekend.

The "vendor" variable goes in the config file?
  • For the FreeBSD port all we do is use the dump feature to create a sample config for users. I could edit this, if that's what you mean.
  • For FreeNAS I'm creating the config file with just advanced options not already available in the BtSync WebUI. I could easy add this variable in this case.

#2 Updated by Omar Revueltas about 6 years ago

Hi Joshua,

A few notes from the dev team


When running the btsync , you can (and shoud) put a config file in parameter

$btsync --config sync.conf

A (relatively big) sample of this config file could be retrieve by running
$ btsync --dump--sample-config

…but here are the key elements to put in this config file (detailed explanations below)

"vendor" : "FreeNAS",

"display_new_version": false,
"webui" :
"listen" : "",
"allow_empty_password" : false,
"directory_root" : "/"


"vendor" : "FreeNAS", As all other parameters this one is optional but it could allow us to identify a specific problem on your system with our dump systems

"display_new_version": false, the btsync engine will check for update every day (for an update of the engine itself) , and the WebUI would show an information for the user to update the application by re-downloading the tarball. We would set this option to "false" so the webui will not show the information regarding the update of the "btsync". However we assume that your appstore/plugin mechanism has an update mechanism which will inform the user when a newer package is available.

"listen" : "" Set the webui listening interface and the port number. btsync running on the NAS will be accessible with a web service . would allow other IP to access this interface. 7777 is an example of port . Please set a valid port

"allow_empty_password" : false, this is just an advice here, but you can enforce the use of a username/password to access the Sync WebUI. If unset (or set to "true"), the user doesn't have to necessary enter a username/password when setting up sync.

"directory_root" : "/", This is the location where users will be able to create a Sync folder, OR add a sync folder coming from a link sent by another device. Not that "/" might not be a good idea.
Users will be able to change this in their "preferences"


#3 Updated by Joshua Ruehlig about 6 years ago

Thanks for the info. I'll update the FreeNAS port, and try updating the config the FreeBSD port gives as a sample as well.

#4 Updated by Joshua Ruehlig about 6 years ago

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Updated the plugin and added the 2 variables. It should be available tomorrow.

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