Bug #12111

Setting cursor to anything other than its default settings leads to non-unform cursor appearance

Added by JT Pennington about 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

JT Pennington
Lumina Desktop
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First off I apologize for the horrible phone pics but the screenshot utility doesn't capture the cursor (maybe that needs to be an option in the future)

When changing the cursor theme, there is an expectation that it will change the cursor all the time and not just when its over a window. Examples below:

default cursor on desktop:
default cursor on window:

redglass cursor on desktop:
redglass cursor on window:

handhelds cursor on desktop:
handhelds cursor on window:

jimmac cursor on desktop:
jimmac cursor on window:


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#2 Updated by Ken Moore about 6 years ago

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Yes, this is a known issue with Qt that I have been trying to find a work-around for.
Qt applications appear to only check/load the current cursor theme when the app starts (including the desktop session), and there does not appear to be a way for an app to request that the cursors be "refreshed" on demand.

#3 Updated by Ken Moore over 4 years ago

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With the new addition of the Lumina theme engine, it should be possible now to provide custom cursor themes for Qt5 applications which are automatically applied when changed.

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