Bug #1294

Checksums posted for PBI's is MD5, GUI expects SHA256

Added by Ryan - over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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I may be jumping the gun here, but while testing nightly plugin functionality, I found that the checksums posted for PBI's @ are MD5 whereas the GUI is asking for SHA256.

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Added by pi over 3 years ago

www/py-selenium: 2.48.0 -> 2.51.1

Selenium 2.51.1
- correcting bundling issue missing README.rst file

Selenium 2.51.0
- Firefox updates (see java changelog)

Selenium 2.50.1
- Fixing error message handling. Fixes issue #1497
- Fixing error message handling. Fixes issue #1507
- Update webelement to handle W3C commands for size/location and rect
- rewrite click scrolling tests to match the Java ones

Selenium 2.50.0
- handle potential URLError from sending shutdown, set self.process
to None after it's already been quit
- Add support for submit() with W3C compliant endpoint

Selenium 2.49.1
- Ensure you can close stream before attempting to close it.
- message response may cause json loads ValueError when it's not actually json
and just a string (like the message that occurs when firefox driver thinks
another element will receive the click)
- Cleanup some error handling when sniffing what protocol you are speaking

Selenium 2.49.0
- Have Firefox service write to a file instead of PIPE
- Added Firefox path variable for string placeholder
- Update README to show Python 3.2+
- refactoring all the service classes to use a common one.
- Add Firefox specific command to switch context between Browser
content and Browser chrome
- updating files after go copyright:update
- Use specificationLevel to know that we are speaking GeckoDriver
- Bug fixes: #1294, #1186

PR: 206992
Submitted by: (maintainer)


#1 Updated by John Hixson over 7 years ago

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The PBI files on are 8.x PBI's. While [[FreeNAS]] 8.x is obviously an 8.x version of [[FreeBSD]], the PBI format and utilities being used for PBI's are from the 9.x tag. So 8.x PBI files will not work. 9.x PBI's shouldn't work but sometimes do ;-) 9.x PBI's use sha256 checksums. If you would like to try building PBI files, install pbi-manager from ports. Also be aware that you need to have a plugins jail installed first. Check out trunk/examples/plugins/ for random ad-hoc files related to jails and plugins.

#2 Updated by Dru Lavigne over 7 years ago

Documentation on how to do this will be added to over the next few weeks.

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