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LSI 9240-8i Support

Added by Pilcheck - almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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The LSI 9240-8i is supposedly supported under the new mfi driver.
[[FreeNAS]] does not recognize the controller or disks attached.

I believe this is a driver issue for the line of cards


#1 Updated by Josh Paetzel almost 8 years ago

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This is fixed in r5788

#2 Updated by Josh Paetzel almost 8 years ago

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The [[FreeBSD]] mfi driver does not support this card, or some other LSI products based on similar chipsets, however LSI does offer a module for this card on their website. Unfortunately it has the same name as the driver in the stock [[FreeBSD]] kernel, and so can't be loaded on a system with a stock kernel.

This fix is a temporary workaround while we determine the final solution.

mount -uw /
cd /tmp
fetch ""
fetch ""
rm /boot/kernel/kernel.gz
mv kernel.gz /boot/kernel/
mv mfi.ko /boot/modules/
kldxref /boot/modules /boot/kernel
echo 'mfi_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf

#3 Updated by Pilcheck - almost 8 years ago

The process above is working for the LSI 9240 still after several reboots.

Thank you!

#4 Updated by Neil MacLeod almost 8 years ago

Is there any chance of LSI 9240-8i support being added to [[FreeNAS]] 0.7.2 in a nightly?

I can access the card and drives in [[FreeNAS]] 8.0 RC4 with the workaround from comment #3, but the GUI isn't detecting the existing pool/volume, and since so much other functionality is not yet working properly in [[FreeNAS]] 8.0 it means I'm having to look around for another solution that does support the 9240 card.

If 9240-8i support could be added to [[FreeNAS]] 7 (embedded, x64) I'd be in 7th heaven. :)

#5 Updated by Neil MacLeod almost 8 years ago

I have built the latest LSI 9240 driver source 3.98 and attached it above (this was built with a [[VirtualBox]] host running [[FreeBSD]] 7.3-Release-p4 AMD64, 64-bit).

To apply to [[FreeNAS]] 0.7.2 x64:

1) Copy the file mfi.ko to /boot/kernel/mfi.ko
2) chmod 555 /boot/kernel/mfi.ko
3) echo 'mfi_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf
4) sync
5) reboot

If booting from an embedded installation, first "mount -uw /cf".

Detected drives should appear as myfisyspdX.

Tested with [[FreeNAS]] AMD64 Embedded.

#6 Updated by Neil MacLeod almost 8 years ago

Even though the above driver is working, the 9240-8i is still functioning in Integrated RAID (IR) mode and is therefore not a basic disk controller (even though the disks are configured for JBOD), in which case it isn't supported out of the box by [[FreeBSD]] and needs a more complicated driver.

Since I only want a basic 8-port controller for ZFS and don't need hardware RAID5, I negotiated a refund with the retailer for the 9240-8i and have now installed an LSI 9211-8i updated with Initiator-Target (IT) firmware. The 9211-8i with IT firmware has much wider OS support - it works perfectly in [[FreeNAS]] 8 RC5 with no modifications - and is a much better choice than the 9240-8i particularly if you are planning on using it for ZFS.

At some point [[FreeNAS]] 8 via [[FreeBSD]] 8.x (or even [[FreeBSD]] 9.x) will get 9240 support, but when that happens is anyone's guess as it's entirely dependent on the work going on against [[FreeBSD]]. My advice would be to save yourself the trouble and get the 9211 or similar controller.

#7 Updated by William Grzybowski about 6 years ago

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Should have been fixed in 8.3

#8 Updated by Matthew Wiesen over 3 years ago

I recently just set up FreeNAS 9.3 with the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-8i card and have noticed that these drives are showing up under FreeNAS as mfisyspdX, which appears to cause some issues with SMART polling as it is seems to error expecting drives under /dev/hbaX.

#9 Updated by Matthew Wiesen over 3 years ago

I just double checked and it seems my card is on a very old firmware. I will attempt to update it to see if this fixes the issue.

#10 Updated by Matthew Wiesen over 3 years ago

Okay, I upgraded my firmware to the latest:

Firmware Package: 20.13.1-0208 (4.12P1)
Firmware 2.130.404-3836

After reconfiguring the drives, it doesn't seem like FreeNAS has direct access to these drives. For instance, I have a drive connected via SATA directly to the motherboard and FreeNAS can see its serial number, however, all drives found under the LSI card can not tell the serial number info. These drives are configured in JBOD mode.

Is there some other peice of the LSI firmware/driver/software that is missing?

#11 Updated by Josh Paetzel over 3 years ago

Please don't necromance 4 year old tickets that have been resolved.

The 9240 works fine when flashed as a megaraid now (years ago the mfi driver didn't support that card, which is what this ticket is about) , it's also very popular to flash them with 9211 HBA firmware, which you can do at your own risk, but is a better choice for FreeNAS.

Either way this is a support issue. Please see the forums or IRC.

#12 Avatar?id=14398&size=24x24 Updated by Kris Moore almost 3 years ago

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