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Upgrade instructions with geli encryption

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During the upgrade procedure one can choose to store important upgrade info into ram or the main pool. Encrypted pools will not work, as after the reboot the upgrade info is not available. A note to use ram instead of encrypted pools would make the documentation more useful. This may be different for a 9.3x to 10.x upgrade


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What do you mean by "store important upgrade info into RAM"?

#3 Updated by G Brown over 4 years ago

From the 9.3 pdf, p 27:
"Use the drop-down menu to select an existing volume to* temporarily place the firmware file* during the upgrade. Alternately, select “Memory device” to allow the system to create a temporary RAM disk to be used during the upgrade. After making your selection, click the “OK” button to see the screen shown in Figure 2.5d.

The default is use an existing volume, which will fail for encrypted volumes, so a note to use a "Memory device" for encrypted volumes would be useful.

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Why would this fail for an encrypted device? Upgrades are started on a running system and the temporary device is only used during the pre-boot stage of the upgrade process.

#5 Updated by G Brown over 4 years ago

My bad ...understanding. The 9.2.x > 9.3.x upgrade from the web-ui did hang at the re-boot (after 30 minutes I gave up waiting); but maybe for another reason. Next I did install from the iso, upload the config file, and the system was alive, but the encrypted pool would not unlock, I had to follow the suggestion in the forums: detach the pool (save the shares), import the volume. So with a new install + config file there were issues. Maybe the same issues that prevented the web-ui upgrade reboot from completing? I just (incorrectly) assumed the system tried to get some info from the encrypted pool, and of course, it could not. So maybe this is not a simple documentation issue. Many refer to panz's post 5-27-2014:
or what caught my eye while waiting for the reboot:

Maybe the detach/import cycle should be in the documentation? I am hoping this won't be a 9.3.x > 10.x issue.

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If that is the case, it is a software bug. Punting to Josh for testing.

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Timing out and closing.

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