Bug #14272

Remote logging no longer working

Added by Peter Voigt over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Closed: Behaves correctly
Suraj Ravichandran
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After a fresh installation of FreeNAS-9.10-RELEASE remote logging to the configured syslog server is no longer working.

I am not sure if syslog-ng is used for remote logging. If so the remote syslog server is obviously not configured in /usr/local/etc/syslog-ng.conf.


#1 Updated by Jordan Hubbard over 4 years ago

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BRB: Suraj will investigate the configuration of syslog-ng.conf for remote logging.

#2 Updated by Peter Voigt over 4 years ago

I have just seen that the patch 201604111739 covers #14333. Does this mean that the logging issue is solved or are you still working on it?

#3 Updated by Peter Voigt over 4 years ago

Could anybody please give a short feedback about the current status of this issue. Is work still in progress? Currently it seems nothing has happened since I have created the issue more than a month ago.

#4 Updated by Suraj Ravichandran over 4 years ago

@ Peter Voigt: Sorry for not getting back to you on this. I was swamped with other things and could not get to this. Unfortunately I will not be able to get to this today either. I will try with the latest update tmrw to see if this works or not.

Appreciate your patience.

#5 Updated by Suraj Ravichandran over 4 years ago

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I just tested this (Test case logged from freenas 9.10 to a freebsd11 syslogd server) and this absolutely works.

Maybe the patch fixed this or maybe something else did! Either-ways it works for me. You should avail of it in the next 9.10 STABLE SU.

#6 Updated by Peter Voigt over 4 years ago

Actually I wanted to wait for the past 9.10-STABLE-201605021851 version. Nevertheless, today I upgraded to 9.10-STABLE-201605021851 and now remote logging is working as expected. It looks like it has been silently fixed with 9.10-STABLE-201604111739.

One additional note regarding syslog-ng: My FreeNAS syslog shows a core dump message right after boot sequence has finished:

messages:May 23 20:50:59 storage1 kernel: pid 1355 (syslog-ng), uid 0: exited on signal 6 (core dumped)

In spite of syslog-ng's core dump it seems to work correctly. Is this something we should worry about?

#7 Updated by Suraj Ravichandran over 4 years ago

Nope that core dump message is benign, we checked it out in the past.

#8 Updated by Peter Voigt over 4 years ago

Ah, good to know. Thanks.

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