Bug #18041

Weird /etc/resolv.conf issue

Added by Doug McIntyre almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Closed: Behaves correctly
Josh Paetzel
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Each time I reboot this FreeNAS box, the /etc/resolv.conf that is generated only contains the contents


but I do have nameserver data setup in the GUI and I've also reset it in the TUI.

I've even gone to the extent of reinstalling and restoring the saved configuration.

Each time after a reboot I have to go in and edit the file again, so say email notifications work, or updating the box works. This has been going on for some time, so I have to do that each time I get notice to update from one of my other systems.

I assume it is "stuck" in the configuration database, but how do I clear that out and start again?


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Heya Doug.

Investigating now.

(Still at iphouse? I had no idea you were a FreeNAS user)

#3 Updated by Josh Paetzel almost 4 years ago

This FreeNAS system is set up as a domain controller. So in theory the internal DNS server for the domain controller should be handling DNS requests.

The behavior of FreeNAS is it ignores the network configuration for DNS if it's configured as a DC (so intuitive!)

The sockstat info in the debug files claims samba is listening on port 53.

Can you confirm drill @ whatever doesn't resolve stuff for you?

Role: dc
DNS Forwarder: 216.xx.xx.xx

Can you confirm your forwarder is allowing FreeNAS to resolve?

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#5 Updated by Doug McIntyre almost 4 years ago

Yep, while Mike has moved on, I'm still at ipHouse.

After so many HW raid failures and other drive failures, I'm loving FreeNAS for ZFS and the disk error reporting. I really like knowing disk health status, when I've been blind to it so long with other solutions. I've tried to bid TruNAS in for a few projects, but haven't got any bites yet. I'll keep trying though.

Thanks for pointing out where the behavior was coming from, I didn't realize I had Domain Controller even setup, it isn't used on this system at all. The DNS resolver that was setup in that section used to let me have access, but no longer thanks to all the clamping down after abuse going around. (I guess I prefer binding to a real active directory if I need that, which works great as well for our internal user FreeNAS).

This had driven me batty for nearly a year. Unconfiguring domain controller and rebooting has fixed my issue.

Thanks for reviewing the config and finding that.

I agree, that certainly is super non-intuitive that would be on and overriding the DNS configuration elsewhere.

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Thanks for the update.

As a super low hanging fruit maybe the best thing to do would be grey out the network resolver GUI stuff when DC is turned on. Gah, JS. We hates it forever.

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