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warn users that crontab is not supported

Added by Ash Gokhale about 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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As seen in EZQ-441-20778:

Upgrades will not preserve crontab entries entered with unix 'crontab'; so put a warning about it in the default crontab.

Given this information, I have a feature request for the dev team. Can you
ask them to install a default crontab for root that basically contains a
message that it's managed by TrueNAS and shouldn't be edited directly by
end users. I'm thinking something along the lines of the message that
Network Manager places in resolv.conf on Linux.

Let me know if it's better for me to file a separate ticket with this
feature request in it.



#1 Updated by Josh Paetzel about 3 years ago

Put that message in every config file there is?

#2 Updated by Heather Ownby about 3 years ago

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#4 Avatar?id=14398&size=24x24 Updated by Kris Moore about 3 years ago

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Yea, once we go down this path, where does it end? Every *.conf file in /etc? /usr/local/etc/?

I'm inclined to pass on this one for now, especially if we aren't doing something wrong to direct users to the crontab utility in the docs or help text somewhere.

#5 Updated by Glen Gibb about 3 years ago

I'm the user who submitted the feature request to Ash. I was asking for it primarily for crontab, although I can see the argument for applying it to other config files.

My reason for requesting it on root's crontab (/var/cron/tabs/root ?) is that it's pretty common for a sysadmin to run the crontab command and manually edit the file. When we performed an OS update, the crontab contents were lost.

There's actually no indication in the TrueNAS manual (9.10 sec 5.1 and 9.3 sec 6.1 both have similar wording) that you shouldn't use the crontab command line utility to manage this:

cron(8) is a daemon that runs a command or script on a regular schedule as a specified user. Typically, the user who wishes to schedule a task manually creates a crontab(5) using syntax that can be perplexing to new Unix users. The TrueNAS® GUI makes it easy to schedule when the task will occur.

#6 Avatar?id=14398&size=24x24 Updated by Kris Moore about 3 years ago

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Dru - Could we just clarify in that doc section that the crontab file should not be hand-edited outside of the UI?

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#8 Updated by Warren Block almost 3 years ago

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User guide updated.

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