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Mockup:how to make cron time selections not suck

Added by Warren Block over 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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The grid-based hour and minute selectors in FreeNAS 9 and Corral are poorly designed for users. Grid-based designs do not work well to visualize time.

Instead, these should be circles, with clickable numbers around the outer edge.

For minutes, the circle is divided into 60 segments, number 0-59. The user can click one or more of these, which become highlighted. Crude example attached.

For hours, the circle is divided into 24 segments, labeled 0-23. One or more are highlighted when the user clicks these.

Yes, these selectors are more complicated to create than the old ones, but they will make it much easier for the users.

circle.jpg (35.4 KB) circle.jpg Warren Block, 04/17/2017 01:40 PM


#1 Updated by James Nixon over 4 years ago

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Neat idea! Thanks :)

#2 Updated by Dru Lavigne about 4 years ago

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#3 Updated by James Nixon almost 4 years ago

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Lola designed a new and fun way to click through cron - marking as ready for release - but checkout the notes for ideas for enhancements


  • i would like to see something similar to's "Reminder" for your notes... when you click the finger icon a paginated modal/dropdown appears with an embedded date/time picker with several options, such as Daily, Weekly, and Custom
  • I would add a date range so users can define begin and end date/times
  • we could also allow multiple select of specific dates/times instead of just scheduling one date which repeats every N units
  • so in just a few clicks you could have "echo Hello World" run on day 1-5, 10-15, 18, 19, and 31 at 1:10AM 12:15PM and 3:09PM (for example)

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#6 Updated by Warren Block almost 4 years ago

I think we can make the most-needed schedules even simpler than this, and will make some suggestions at the next new GUI call.

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