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new UI - layout poorly scaled, some controls overlaid inappropriately

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The screenshot is from new UI on a 1920 x 1080 (full HD) monitor under Firefox 53, fully expanded with default zoom.

Despite the generous screen size (which is larger than many people will use and expanded fully),

  • Buttons are half unreadable and need to scroll off to the right to view,
  • The overlay "^" blocks buttons (difficult to know whether clicking it, or near it, gets you "top of page" or "delete snapshot"
  • Font size is huge
  • The table wastes most of the display space for no good reason (look at the solid black in the middle)
  • It's hard for the eye to track across because there aren't any lines to follow. The names on the left are indented a small amouint but no lines or grid showing the hierarchy, and too spaced out to visually see it by comparing indentation levels, and the data on the right is too spaced out from the names, again with no guidance for the eye.
  • The extra size/space seems to have pushed out important data that is useful and was present in 9.10, such as compression and other info, which is needed. It isn't obvious how to see this at a glance.
  • It just shouldn't be necessary to have 3 rows just to say "9 TB used (55%)" !
  • It also shouldn't be necessary to have 3 rows for the buttons. Use 2 or 3 icons in a row for the actions, not text, and add a hover to explain what the icons are for.

Also the percentages are missing their "%" sign.

The same or similar issues apply to other UI screens.
While the concept is good, the layout I'm seeing is very poor - to the point of being close to unusable without severe CSS and JS hacking or severe discomfort - for these reasons. Luckily this is easily improvable.

tmp.png (619 KB) tmp.png Stilez y, 06/16/2017 02:47 AM


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I can work on this if it's ok with you James

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Yes, that would be great if you want to send some PR's on this one. (BTW, now it'll do automatic jenkins build of all PR's, so you won't have to wait on us to know if its safe to merge)

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thanks for the feedback!

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