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Suggested User Interface Changes for new UI

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Without doubt, the Corral UI was better. IMHO, the new UI has the following problems (and potential solutions):

Too many colours: The use of so many colours is visually confusing. Colour should be used to emphasise functionality. One only needs to look at the Dashboard screen to see this: On the left we have blue menu items, a yellow restart button, a red power button, then we have white text, a red pie chart and green/pale green and amber charts.

Font size too big: The screens are unusable on a laptop because there is not enough screen real-estate. The Text menu on the left occupies so much vertical space that it runs under the power/reboot buttons.

The semi-transparent main menu is visually confusing when expanded: The underlying text of the Dashboard shows through. Either blur the underlying text (a-la Windows Aero) or make the menu solid.

Eliminate ALL CAPS headings: All caps takes the brain longer to process the information as the "coastline" of the words is always a rectangle. This is basic typography.

Too many font sizes: The font size used for text labels on the "Advanced" page is good for general use, but taking this page as an example, why do the text boxes have a different font size, as does the Update button?

Inefficient use of vertical space: Just look at the Tunables page as an example. See how much space is wasted between rows. Cut the vertical size of the buttons. The same is true of the Volumes page

Horrible colour scheme! The green and red buttons on the Services page are different colours to the red power button and the green/red service status circles. Be consistent! And choose colours that harmonise with the background and each other. You wouldn't choose to paint your house in the plethora of colours used, so why put it in a web interface? If you don't have the tasteful skills in-house to do this, outsource the colour scheme/design to a digital agency that does.

Too much information poorly displayed: The Services page is an example: The grid layout means the eye has to scan left, right, up and down. The status of each service is indicated a) by text; b) by the circle; c) by the colour of the excessively large button; d) by the symbol in the button. Too much information! A simple grid with a service per row, in alphabetical order with a status column and an edit button would have been much cleaner.

Duplication of buttons: The Volumes, Services, etc pages duplicate the buttons for each row. Really bad interface design (cluttered, inefficient use of width/height): Let the user select the appropriate row in a grid then click the appropriate "action" button at the bottom of the screen. Make the grid scrollable so that the buttons are always visible.

Replace text buttons with icons and tooltips: Minimises screen real estate


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thanks for the feedback!

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