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Remove LANMAN information from Guide

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This is a follow on to issue #24946

I believe the following text should be moved from section 10.4 Windows (SMB) Shares to Services section 11.12 SMB.

To configure support for OS/2 clients, add this line to Auxiliary Parameters:

lanman auth = yes
To configure lanman authentication for pre-NT authentication, add these lines instead:

client lanman auth = yes
client plaintext auth = yes

The parameters are global rather than share specific and should be placed under Auxiliary Parameters for the SMB service.

I've confirmed this by testing using a Win 95 client set up in a VM against FreeNAS 9.10.2-U5 and 11.0 servers. When the parameters are included as specifed in the documentation, the Win 95 client is still unable to access FreeNAS shares. What it does is present a dialog box requested a password for IPC$. When the parameters are included as suggested for the SMB service, the FreeNAS shares are then (see note 1 below) accessible to the Windows 95 client.

Note: When the SMB service was initially restarted with the parameters included, access was still denied to FreeNAS shares. I still got the dialogue box requesting a password for IPC$. The solution (see note 2 as well) is suggested in While the steps indicated in the article need to be followed, the key is to the change the smb password within FreeNAS using smbpasswd -a <user> from the Shell. I wonder if some mention of this should be made in this section of the documentation (for the 1 or 2 users still on Win 9x ;)).

Note 2: I tested this with the parameters placed in Auxiliary Parameters under an SMB share as well as globally for the SMB service. It only worked for the latter.

Note 3: I don't condone the use of LANMAN. It is insecure and I don't recommend anyone enabling it. This was purely an academic exercise to confirm what I believe is a documentation error.

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Remove LANMAN information Ticket: #24947


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