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Colors Used as State Indicators

Added by John Mitchell about 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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I notice that colors are used as state indicators in both in the current UI and in the new UI. Like approximately 8% of the male population I'm colorblind (and I suspect the vast majority of FreeNAS users are male). The use of colors as state indicators is a serious problem for colorblind people.

For most colorblind people the three sets of colors that are confused are red/green/orange/brown and blue/purple/grey and pink/grey. Approximately 0.5% of people have no color vision at all - they see only shades of grey. A dark background (as in the new UI) exacerbates the problem.

Studies have indicated that red/blue is a good combination for indicating two states and red/blue/yellow for three states. These usually work even for people with no color vision.

Another method is using alternate shapes for buttons in addition to colors. For example, in the past Apple has used red round buttons and green square buttons as state indicators.

It could be argued that this is a feature request rather than a bug. I disagree as this issue makes the UI unusable for severely colorblind people.


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will use text labels to indicate state along with colors that match the theme

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Should have updated these tickets after the initial UI overhaul, excuse our dust, and thanks for the feedback >=)

Set to ready for release

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