Bug #2536

Too many entries in smartd.conf

Added by Dusan Lacko about 7 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a scheduled short smart test for a drive
2. Create a scheduled long smart test for the same drive
3. Enable smartd

smartd.conf contains two lines for the same drive. smartd reads this as two different drives and therefore all the smart attribute polling & temperature checking will happen twice.

You can check this by running "smartd -q showtests". For example, for my 5 drives with a daily short and monthly long test scheduled, the command displays "Monitoring 10 ATA and 0 SCSI devices". Also, if you lower the critical temperature threshold to trigger a warning, you will receive two emails per drive + two lines in syslog.

The proper way to do this is to have only one smartd.conf line per drive and put all scheduled tests for that drive into one -s directive (e.g. something like -s (O/../.././(00|06|12|18)|S/../.././01|L/../../6/03) )


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Is this still happening? I notice this is pretty old.

#3 Updated by Dusan Lacko almost 7 years ago

Yes, ix-smartd still creates one smartd.conf line per one system_smarttest record, instead of aggregating all test for one drive on one line.

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How about now, Erin, with the changes to smartd.conf generation you've made?

#7 Updated by Erin Clark over 4 years ago

Yes please try with the current 9.3 and see if this is still happening. If not this issue will definitely be resolved with FreeNAS 10 since we are using our own task system for short/long tests. Rather than relying on smartd.conf and its hacky parser.

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#9 Updated by Erin Clark over 4 years ago

Did you ever test this with a current Freenas?

#10 Updated by Erin Clark about 4 years ago

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Timing out, this should be fixed in current FreeNAS versions so if you haven't already upgraded, please try 9.10 and reopen the ticket if you are still having difficulty

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