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Console spammed with unnecessary system messages

Added by Dan Brown almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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William Grzybowski
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I've noticed for a long time that FreeNAS is far to verbose in sending system log messages to the console, to the point where it can cause significant interruption to a user trying to work there (admittedly, users aren't expected to do very much, very often, at the console, but it remains disruptive). I thought I'd previously reported a bug relating to a single service, but I don't see it now. In any event, right now, my console is full of messages from saying that it can't destroy snapshots. A few minutes ago, it was full of collectd errors. If I plug in a USB device to the system, that pops up on the console. I've had jails (Transmission comes to mind) spam messages to the console as well. At times, this can make the console menu (/etc/netcli) completely unusable.

This seems entirely unnecessary--writing messages to the console should be reserved for critical, "your system is on fire"-level, warnings. There's no need to interrupt the console user for routine information messages. Anything less critical can be written to the system log file for later reference if needed. Or, if these just have to go onto the console for some reason I can't see, at least put them on the second console (Alt-F2), so they aren't cluttering the main one.


#1 Updated by Dru Lavigne almost 3 years ago

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Dan: 11.1 (tentatively scheduled for Oct 2) gets rid of a lot of these. Let's hang on to this ticket until you've had a chance to upgrade to 11.1 after it is released to see which, if any, messages continue to appear.

#2 Updated by Dan Brown almost 3 years ago

Sure, but I think there are two distinct issues here: (1) messages that reflect a bug in the underlying service, and thus shouldn't appear at all (whether in the log or on the console); and (2) the system seems to be configured such that most system messages, regardless of severity, go to the console. Fixing the bugs of the first sort will help, of course (fewer messages in total means fewer messages on the console), but my intent with this bug is to address the second issue--there's plenty of stuff that legitimately should go into the system log (like USB device connections), but has no business being sent to the console.

#3 Updated by Dru Lavigne almost 3 years ago

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William: what are your thoughts on this one?

#4 Updated by William Grzybowski almost 3 years ago

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We agree and there is ongoing effort to make it better.

However it is very hard to keep track those in a single ticket, since it touches several parts of the system.

We appreciate your report and agree with it but there are several things that need to be improved before it can happen. You should expect better behavior by 11.2.

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