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UI scale issues and general layout

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I've attached several pages with comments.

- Nothing seems to scale properly in the new UI. The context menus don't fit in the rows.
- There's unnecessary white space everywhere... everything is huge.
- I'd suggest staying away from icons. Everyone seems to get that "+" means add... but there are other completely nonsense icons which don't have an explanation.
- Everyone has already beat this to death but the color scheme is really inconsistent.
- Bring back the tree view to the storage volumes page
- I learned that the "+" doesn't actually mean add... turns out there was a hidden menu there. Not intuitive. There seems to be this trend in UI development that goes something like "the end user is stupid, hide everything so as to not scare them"... The truth is the end user doesn't click around so anything not immediately obvious isn't found and people leave frustrated. Also a plus ("+") universally means add... or hospital... not "hey there's more here" if you must continue with this menu please change it to ">>"
- The dashboard is really beautiful. Unfortunately I don't own a 30" 8k display so I can't actually see anything "at one glance" which should be the goal of a dashboard.
-I doubt "mobile friendly" was a goal... maybe it shouldn't be, but at least the old UI could be used on a phone. The rigid tables in this design shrink on a mobile display and are unusable and because angular is a "responsive" UI it can't be zoomed in/out to use. This version isn't mobile unfriendly... it's mobile unusable. It's 2017 that can't be permitted.

There are so many more things. I hate to write them all up. It seems that there isn't a UI guide which dictates how this is being implemented. It's a nice start but without goals and standards it's just going to be an unusable mess. I'd suggest writing a specification and permitting feedback on that then developing graphic standards. Without a standard path forward there's no way to know what's broken and what's just some guy's opinion.

jails.png (140 KB) jails.png Drew Gress, 10/18/2017 06:41 PM
general.png (153 KB) general.png Drew Gress, 10/18/2017 06:54 PM
volumes.png (159 KB) volumes.png Drew Gress, 10/18/2017 07:04 PM
services.png (132 KB) services.png Drew Gress, 10/18/2017 07:19 PM
dashboard.png (134 KB) dashboard.png Drew Gress, 10/18/2017 07:29 PM
mobile.png (74.7 KB) mobile.png Drew Gress, 10/18/2017 07:35 PM


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thanks for the feedback! I couldnt agree more - and the lot of these complaints were addressed in our big gui overhaul - im sure there are still valid points, and I encourage you to take a similar stab at the current gui - tickets like these are awesome, thank you very much for the screens and thoughtful suggestions

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