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Feature #23785: FreeNAS sending SNMP traps/notifications

Choice of alert systems not ideal for many users - add GSM and other options.

Added by Stilez y over 2 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The current alert mechanisms (apart from email) are really geared to IT professionals and those purchasing commercial management/collaboration services of some kind.

When people use FreeNAS as a standalone home server or for a home lab or small office, most of the alert systems available (AWS, Slack...) just aren't appropriate choices, and several are also third party paid products.

Can we have a slightly wider list of options, catering to other FreeNAS/TrueNAS users?

  1. GSM notifications (FreeBSD supports GSM cards which can notify via SMS - useful if the alert is about connectivity or if internet links aren't available remotely)
  2. A feed URL on the internal web server - local devices (and also remote devices that are allowed in through the local firewall) could use this and small free tray feed clients are very easy to find for all platforms.
  3. Growl - has been popular in many quarters
  4. Some kind of standard push notifications suited to iPhone + Android clients

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Also related: issue #26679 ("Granularity for alerts")

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Note regarding feed URL - can this option have a setting for (port number) + either (interfaces/IPs)? So that one can expose the feed in a way that's completely isolated from the main GUI.

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Stilez: we have decided to pass on this feature at this time in order to devote resources to other features. However, PRs are always welcome :-)

#13 Updated by Stilez y about 1 year ago

That's actually appreciated - a fair, helpful honest explanation, much better than just letting it linger.

A few quick questions on this, to help anyone (or myself) who takes this on:

  • Are alert methods accessed via some kind of pluggable/standardised internal API, or standard dispatcher, which would make it easy to add new methods either to the base code or as plugins of some kind?
  • If so, where would one look/start at? (i.e., quick tips of the key parts/func defs in the codebase)?
  • And would it be better to add them as base code, or optional user-instalable plugins/modules of some kind?

If they aren't already instantiated/configured/called via some standard method/layer/dispatcher:

  1. How easy would it be to wrap existing alert calls and make them so (even if just via a wrapper/shim for now)?
  2. What would someone have to do, to do this?
  3. Is there any point submitting that as a request (i.e., moving existing alert method calls to a standardised call structure), since that'll greatly help with anyone doing future work on alerts? Or would that be likely to be closed/v. low priority too?

#14 Updated by Vladimir Vinogradenko about 1 year ago

You can just use any of this files as an example to create another one

You'll be able to use new alert service via API 2.0 after putting new file in that directory

UI forms are here

Also available in: Atom PDF