Bug #27297

New GUI resets to dashboard page

Added by René Ladan over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Peter Southwell
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FreeNAS Mini 2nd generation

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In FreeNAS 11.1 RELEASE, sometimes the new GUI resets to the dashboard page http://<freenas-ip>/ui/reportsdashboard . One consequence is that all pages which you navigate to via the sidebar now show up as blank when navigating to them (e.g. Jails -> Instances, Sharing -> NFS, System Processes, Reporting). The URL does not refresh anymore, but the yellow refresh line does show up.

Two workarounds are:
- refresh the page
- log out and log in again

/var/log/messages does not show any errors related to this.


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Erin: please load balance.

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These pages are working in current master.

Id say what was happening is an unexpected contextual data bug... Where if you created an item with certain options.. Perhaps it created an edge case that threw an exception in the JavaScript runtime.... Ive seen that do exactly what's described here.. An error in the router.. It'll fall back to the main Dashboard.. In an error'd random state.

The pages seem to work for me right now though. So.. If you see this again.. Please take note of exactly the item.. What options it had set etc... and whatever other exact context data you can think of.. then we can go through and try it... For example.. In volumes.. We've missed certain encryption methods.. But.. You don't know they exist.. Unless you encrypt your volume.. If that makes sense... Thanks Dru. If you find this bug again.. Please let me know.. I bet it's just fixing a small error check in the example data.

I did try exactly those pages now... And mader sure the 0 items case worked.. that I could delete them.. Etc... Using the nightly's latest for the FreeNAS. (as of this writing)

#5 Updated by Dru Lavigne over 3 years ago

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