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New GUI issues (based on 2018-02-01 nightly)

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I hope this is an appropriate way to give feedback on the new GUI.

  1. Success so far: The new UI is much more usable, and font sizes and vertical spacing is generally much better (including on large monitors now). This is a big step since the last time I looked. Congrats and thanks!
  2. IE11: The new UI refused to load on IE11 (on the same IE11 that legacy screen of 11.1-U1 works fine). I assume this'll be tested and it isn't a priority at the moment. Worked fine in Firefox.
  3. Horizontal field layout (all pages) (screenshots 1+2): However there were issues related to the horizontal layout of the display. Because most fields are set to use full width, this led to problems and poor layout on a large screen: dropdown arrows are ridiculously far from the values they control. The yellow "function" controls (top-right corner) also go too distant from the more active area of data on the left. SUGGESTION: I strongly suggest that a maximum width of each field is set, so that on a large screen the dropdowns cannot get too far from the values, and the yellow buttons and filter "count box" are closer to the left. This doesn't have to cramp the screen as it would only kick in above a certain size, but realistically nobody needs a 2 foot input field to select "root" or another username!
  4. Groups/users (triple dot action icon): Looking at NewUI, I strongly suggest getting rid of this "triple dot" at the right completely and replacing with individual action icons. It's useful when you have a detailed menu of several options. But look at users and groups - when the only option is a single option "view members" or "edit", all this button actually achieves. is hiding from immediate view the list of what you can do, and forces extra clicks to see what's there or select the single option it hides - and for no benefit whatsoever. Ugh.
  5. Services panel (screenshot 3): On the same issue, the services panel tries to make everything justified so each row uses the whole width to the same extent. But this means the bottom row's panels are different sizes from the others which is very hard on the eye and spoils an otherwise nice layout. They should remain the same size.
  6. Sidebar controls: Should be one control not 2 (if needed, cycling through). Does not need 2 controls visible at the same time. Control should just show "full sidebar / collapsed icons sidebar / hidden sidebar", which covers it all. When the user switches to collapsed sidebar, the single control moves to the top of the iconised sidebar and can be clicked to change sidebar layout again. You never need 2 controls for this.
  7. Sidebar handling - minor UI bug (screenshot 4): Somehow within a few seconds of trying sidebar layouts, I managed to get the sidebar overlaid over the main display, and it had lost its icon to change it back.
  8. Dashboard improvements requested:
  9. Memory graph: Can the memory graph that lists "cache", be made to show how cache is being used - basically separate lines for metadata vs non-metadata, so one can track how cache is being used. This is an immensely useful metric, especially as metadata exclusion can have a major effect on performance and this would be the sensible place to see it. In this way, the memory graph would be split between {Free, Active, _Cache-metadata, Cache-other, Wired, Inactive}_. Also, if L2ARC is graphed, same there as well, if possible.
  10. *Option to show numerical "min/max/current/average" under each graph. The graphs don't show spikes and it's hard to get exact values from them. Some users will want to track numerically not just roughly, even on the dashboard. This would probably be a popular option.
  11. * Latency/buffer pressure metric graphs": Can we have some graphs to show latency, denies/delays and dropped data on some of the key subsystems? Very useful for spotting issues on the same page.
  12. Uptime graph: Just get rid of this. I cannot comprehend the purpose of a graph, whose sole activity is to rise at a rate of precisely 1 hour per hour. Just draw me a diagonal line with a ruler, it has the exact same informational value. If the aim is to show uptime, then just list the last 3 startups and uptime for each of them (including current session). This is far more informative, more helpful - and it doesn't waste 1/4 of the screen.....
  13. Tunables: Can the build include a range of common tunables, and automatically fill in the "type" when known? Any tunable can only be one specific value of "sysctl/rc/loader", so its not necessary to ask the user to enter it (and at best only adds a chance to enter wrong data with no "upside"). A table of "known tunables" and their types + descriptions would be easy to generate via a script, and would mean the user only has to select a tunable from the list, and enter a value. Much neater.

I didn't test volumes because I was testing in a VM. The disks panel looks a lot better though.

Hope this helps.

screenshot_2.png (82.6 KB) screenshot_2.png Yellow control positioning issue Stilez y, 02/04/2018 02:11 PM
screenshot_1.png (101 KB) screenshot_1.png Field width issue Stilez y, 02/04/2018 02:11 PM
screenshot_4.png (33.1 KB) screenshot_4.png Sidebar bug Stilez y, 02/04/2018 02:11 PM
screenshot_3.png (132 KB) screenshot_3.png Service panel bottom row mis-sizing Stilez y, 02/04/2018 02:11 PM

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Sorry for the lost formatting at the start of items 10 (min/max info) and 11 (latency/buffering info) - please ignore this.

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Tested on latest nightlies (FreeNAS-11.2-MASTER-201807190857).

The notes below correspond to each number listed in the original description of this ticket.

2. This is still a problem. It is unlikely that it will be fixed. I was told that Internet Explorer doesn't support angular which is what the UI is written in.
3. This issue has been resolved over the course of updates. Other than the Add functionality (plus symbol) the interactions with fields and their inputs are closer together.
4. This still exist. However, I don't think this will change. We want to keep the UI consistent with symbols so the triple dot icon will most likely stay even if it has one option in the list.
5. This has been redesigned over the course of updates. It looks much better now and even has different layouts for sorting the services.
6. I agree with this point. It is quite confusing to have a button to hide the side bar (tri bar icon) and a separate button to collapse the side bar (make smaller into just icons). Will likely get a feature request ticket.
7. This bug still exist. Need a bug ticket. To reproduce click the tri bar icon to hide the side bar, click the collapse arrow icon, click the tri bar icon again, then finally click the collapse arrow one more time. The behaviour is the same as in the screenshot_4 above.
8. The numbers from 9-13 are feature request. However, number 12 has been "fixed". The Uptime graph is no longer on the dashboard.

#7 Updated by Erin Clark about 2 years ago

  • Related to Feature #41790: Find a way to combine the hide and minimize side bar button added

#8 Updated by Erin Clark about 2 years ago

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2. IE 11 support probably is not possible, it just doesn't support Angular very well, we recommend you use Firefox :)

3. We do have plans to find ways to fix the width of forms in future releases, probably not for 11.2 but thanks for your input.

4. We have been experimenting with options to change the triple dot but will probably not change them for release

5. This one has been changed and may change some more, keep an eye out for newer releases :)

6. I have split into its own ticket, we will try to improve upon that in the future.

7. I cannot reproduce this one anymore, I think we did fix that a while back, please reopen a new ticket for it if you find a way to reproduce it again.

8-9: The dashboard has been completely rewritten since that ticket was made and I believe that field mentioned does not appear there (this info should still be in reporting though, if you have any requests against that section please file a new ticket).

10: This sounds like a good suggestion for reporting, see this ticket:

11/12: As Aaron mentioned 12 is fixed, I made a ticket for 11:

13: I split this one out into its own ticket too, we will consider it for future releases:

Thank you for your feedback, I know this ticket is quite old so I recommend you look at the current Beta and see if you find anything else you would like us to improve upon :)

#9 Updated by Erin Clark about 2 years ago

  • Related to Feature #41796: Option to show numerical "min/max/current/average" under each graph in reporting. added

#10 Updated by Erin Clark about 2 years ago

  • Related to Feature #41802: Latency/buffer pressure metric graphs added

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Notes that the remaining items will be fixed on their associated tickets.

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