Bug #35539

Make BMC firmware version check more robust

Added by Bonnie Follweiler over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Ryan Moeller
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This is from a Clean install of FreeNAS 11.2-INTERNAL8
(screenshots provided)

bad Number 1.jpg (139 KB) bad Number 1.jpg During the initial install Bonnie Follweiler, 06/21/2018 11:44 AM
bad number 2.jpg (156 KB) bad number 2.jpg During the reboot Bonnie Follweiler, 06/21/2018 11:44 AM
IMG_6336.jpeg (154 KB) IMG_6336.jpeg Error message from ipmitool due to ipmi module not loaded Ryan Moeller, 07/11/2018 12:21 PM

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Revision ab74a038 (diff)
Added by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

Make BMC firmware version check more robust The BMC firmware for C2750D4I and C2550D4I mainboards shipped in the FreeNAS Mini product line had a broken watchdog timer that was fixed in revision 0.30. The version check we used to decided how to configure watchdogd assumed the format of the version string reported by ipmitool, and only checked a portion of the string. This change performs more checks on the version string, failing more gracefully if the format is for any reason unacceptable. Ticket: #35539

Revision 2a0ba286 (diff)
Added by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

Load ipmi kernel module before invoking ipmitool ipmitool does not load the module itself and will fail if the module is not loaded. The ipmi kmod is not loaded early enough by kld_list. The module is only needed this early on specific mainboards that require a BMC firmware revision check to work around a firmware bug. Ticket: #35539


#1 Updated by Alexander Motin about 2 years ago

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Ryan, take a look at this please. I guess it can be couple of one-liners, some missing quotes or incorrect condition somewhere in shell scripts. The most interesting part is to find where it happens. :)

#2 Updated by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

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#3 Updated by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

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#4 Updated by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

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I was unable to reproduce this issue in my test environment, but I have made a few noteworthy observations.

The error message itself indicates that an empty string is being tested by one of the integer comparison operators (-eq, -ne, -gt, -ge, -lt, -le). This is possible if an undefined or empty variable is quoted in the test, such as

# x could be undefined or simply empty
[ "${x}" -eq 0 ]

Without the quotes, a different error would be shown.

The locations of the two error messages are also informative. The first appearance occurs between the following lines in

chroot /tmp/data /usr/sbin/mtree -deUf /etc/mtree/BSD.var.dist -p /var
# We need this hack due to sqlite3 called from rc.conf.local.
chroot /tmp/data /sbin/ldconfig /usr/local/lib
chroot /tmp/data /etc/rc.d/ldconfig forcestart

We see the end of the mtree output before the error, and the ldconfig output after.

The second appearance is during boot right after the root fs is mounted and before networking is brought up. The ldconfig rc script runs at this time. However, there don't appear to be any integer comparisons in that script directly.

Because the ldconfig script sources and calls functions from rc.subr, which pulls in various configuration files and other scripts, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the error without being able to reproduce it. A potential file of interest is rc.conf.local, which has several locations matching the pattern described above:

if [ "${ssl}" -gt "0" ]
if [ "${count}" -gt "0" ]; then
elif [ "${product}" = "C2750D4I" -o "${product}" = "C2550D4I" ] \
  && [ "$(/usr/local/bin/ipmitool mc info 2> /dev/null \
          | grep ^Firmware | cut -d . -f 2)" -lt 30 ] ; then

The first two get those variables from sqlite queries, which I expect would not be so inconsistent between clean installations, even on different systems.

The ipmitool line looks especially interesting. Would this happen to be one of those products?

#5 Updated by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

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Testing on a FreeNAS Mini 2.0 with baseboard product name "C2750D4I" and IPMI management controller firmware revision "0.35" did not reproduce the error, however it is possible that a different hardware configuration or firmware revision triggers the bug.

Bonnie, can you describe the hardware configuration with regard to the baseboard product name and the management controller firmware revision, which can be determined by the following shell commands:

# dmidecode -s baseboard-product-name | head -1
# ipmitool mc info | grep ^Firmware

#6 Updated by Bonnie Follweiler about 2 years ago

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This is the result:
freenas# dmidecode -s baseboard-product-name | head -1
freenas# ipmitool mc info | grep ^Firmware
Firmware Revision : 0.35

#8 Updated by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

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Bonnie and I have worked together to confirm that the cause of the problem is indeed the BMC firmware revision check.

During install and early boot, the ipmi kernel module is not loaded. This causes the ipmitool command to fail, resulting in an empty string as the number being checked.

The cause of the error was hidden by stderr of ipmitool being redirected to /dev/null. Removing the redirection allowed the error to be identified, as shown in the attached image.

In my previous testing on a similar system, I failed to reproduce the error because the ipmi module eventually gets loaded and so the test I performed on a running system passed. I did not have remote access to the console to observe the error at boot.

This bug causes systems with a known issue in the BMC firmware to incorrectly configure the watchdog daemon, in addition to the error message.

The fix will be to load the ipmi module before the ipmitool is invoked in /etc/rc.conf.local.

Acceptance criteria:
The error message should not appear during installation or boot on a system with main board "C2750D4I" or "C2550D4I".
A system with main board "C2750D4I" or "C2550D4I" and BMC firmware prior to revision 0.30 should correctly generate the watchdogd flags in /tmp/rc.conf.freenas at boot time to work around the firmware bug. It is not essential to correctly generate those flags during installation, as the configuration is regenerated each boot.

#9 Updated by Ryan Moeller about 2 years ago

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Test Passed in FreeNAS-11.2-MASTER-201807131206
(Build Date: Jul 13, 2018 15:11)

#13 Updated by Dru Lavigne about 2 years ago

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