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Add support for NVMe device replacement

Added by Alexander Motin over 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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NVMe needs support for both hot-plug and un-plug.

For hot-plug there are two potential issues: a) make PCI report that something happened, and b) hope there is enough resources reserved to allocate from (which may be difficult).

For un-plug obviously clean teardown is needed, and one of the problem is that device is no longer responding to accesses, since it is no longer there.

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Revision 2c2d6d99 (diff)
Added by Alexander Motin almost 3 years ago

MFC r342557, r342559: Reimplement nvd(4) detach handling. Previous code typically crashed in case of NVMe device unplug or even clean detach while some I/Os are still in flight. To fix this the new code calls disk_gone() and waits for confirmation of all references gone before calling disk_destroy(), freeing other resources and allowing controller detach. While there, fix disk lists locking and reimplement unit numbers assignment. Ticket: #38978 (cherry picked from commit bfb1323a075dc3535d422570b54cca62c5a54ffb)


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I've made few fixes there, including r343447 already in 11.3-stable branch. Unfortunately resource allocation problem on plug-in is complicated and may still require reboot, number of others should be handled now.

#3 Updated by Alexander Motin almost 3 years ago

Just for notice, FreeBSD head finally enabled PCI BARs reallocation (, that, if works fine, may be a step towards PCI resource reservation.

#4 Updated by Alexander Motin almost 3 years ago

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I've merged to 11.2-stable change that should allow hot NVMe device replacement, at least when it is disabled with `devctl disable nvmeX` before removal, even under load.

QE: Minimal test doable on any NVMe hardware include `devctl disable nvmeX`/`devctl enable nvmeX` under load (make sure to not upset ZFS removing critical/only vdev). Maximal test would include real hot NVMe device replacement on M50 platform (with explicit `devctl disable` first). I haven't tested that after these changes, but there is a chance it may work now, since resources freed by removed device should be enough for the inserted one.

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