Bug #4565

mDNS error that does cause problems.

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Tracing console messages that are coming every 1-2 seconds when Windows 8.1 64 bit is having //freenas/ or mapped drives to freenas greyed out 'x' (disconnected state).

"freenas mDNSResponder: Unknown DNS packet type FFFE from [win 8.1 client IP]:49438 to length 42 on 0000000000000000 (ignored)"

Malformed /24 DNS as it should be (and is in network setup /24 as and DNS is set to and properly

hostname lookup is no enabled which was documented as a cause (if enabled) of benign mDNS errors.

For reference, I have a dual-boot Win7 64 and Win 8.1 64 machine with static IP to ethernet card so whether in Win7 or Win8.1 it has same IP and is properly permissioned in CIFs share. CIFs is setup as per documentation with guest as guest account, and volumes are owned by guest/guest.

Win7 has no disconnects or issues and is under a lower Samba level. Win 8.1 causes these errors to happen and has a higher Samba level.


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Can you try to capture a copy of this packet with tcpdump (on FreeNAS) and/or wireshark (on Windows)? It seems to be a malformed packet sent to the Multicast DNS broadcast address and mDNSResponder doesn't know what to do with it. It may be your Windows box is emitting corrupted packets, or is something new that mDNSResponder needs to be taught to handle, or is something that should be ignored without whining about it. Packet type 0xfffe looks suspiciously like it is misinterpreting something.

mDNSResponder handles Bonjour name registrations and is not related to conventional DNS.

You should still be able to mount the share by using the FreeNAS server's hostname or IP address in your UNC path.

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Try turning the samba log level up to debug and see if it logs anything interesting.

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I believe the default settings in will resolve this for you. If you have issues that persist after trying please reopen this ticket.

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