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There Should be only one type of non-Linux Jail

Added by Dru Lavigne over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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This is related to #5407 and #4295.

There is no reason to have three types of non-linux jails: Plugins, Ports, and Standard. The differences between the three types are vague and unnecessary. There should instead be one template and it should have an intuitive name.

Further, since installing a downloaded FreeNAS PBI is now considered experimental and not worth fixing, this icon should be removed from the new template.

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Has duplicate FreeNAS - Feature #5624: Are Linux jails still needed?Closed: Duplicate2014-07-25

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Revision 4715f060 (diff)
Added by John Hixson about 7 years ago

Nuke Linux jails Ticket: #5419

Revision eadff4f8 (diff)
Added by John Hixson about 7 years ago

Limit jails to a single type, but still allow templates - While here, fix the devfs security issue - Added new 9.3 templates, updated pkgn with them Ticket: #5058 Ticket: #5948 Ticket: #5419


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BRB: So, it's decided:

1. Nuke the linux jails.
2. For all other jails, provide standard template and 2 checkboxes: Ports. Developer. Those checkboxes will do the following:
2a. Ports will simply have a copy of the ports tree for the current release (9.3, 10.0, whatever).
2b. Developer will install the git and svn packages (well, the template will have those preinstalled).

3. Plugin jails will be used just by plugins, so no need to expose those anymore.


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I've nuked the linux jails and simplified the form somewhat. I think we should just always install source in ports into a standard jail. This will simplify things. The cost (size wise) is not much of a difference and makes things much easier. What do you say, jkh? Then there will only be a single type of jail. In the "type" field, I can change it to "template" and only list templates. What do you think?

#7 Updated by John Hixson about 7 years ago

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Fixed in eadff4f865ec643ea94d5fec227dc87b51e74b3f. There is only one type of jail now and it includes source and ports. Templates are separate now.

#8 Updated by Dru Lavigne about 7 years ago

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Confirmed in M3 and 9.3 docs updated accordingly.

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