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add sas2ircu to FreeNAS

Added by Cyber Jock almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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A few users have found sas2ircu useful for LSI controllers. Request this be added to FreeNAS. It can be downloaded from the LSI website.

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Added by Josh Paetzel almost 5 years ago

Add sas2ircu to the image. Evidentally there are LSI users with HBAs in IR mode for which this tool would be useful. Please do not mistake my willingness to spend seven minutes adding this to image for affirmation that using IR volumes with ZFS is a good idea. Ticket: #6945


#1 Avatar?id=44514&size=24x24 Updated by Borja Marcos almost 5 years ago

It can help to identify backplane slots when searching for a disk. LSI cards assign SAS target identifiers in a rather weird way, so it's not possible to establish a reliable mapping between backplane slots and device identifiers. Also, the tool is not intended for "IT firmware" controllers, so care must be taken not to use other options.

A simple "sas2ircu controller_number display" gives a full dump of the device table including the backplane slot numbers and devices attached to them. Still quite complicated, but I have found this procedure to identify a failed disk:

- Find the serial number (should be available on the boot log files or, if the device still answers, wich camcontrol)

- Grab the full output of sas2ircu 0 display (assuming controller number 0) and search for the serial number. If the disk no longer answers, it should be the physically populated slot that doesn't show a device.

Also, the output is not soted by slot number (seems to be a dump of an internally kept mapping between devices and target ids).

#2 Updated by Jordan Hubbard almost 5 years ago

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It would be a lot nicer if we could both add the utility and somehow visualize its output in the GUI, of course... Just one for the wish list!

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