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Add ng_* modules to the kernel

Added by Brandon Schneider 10 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Ryan Moeller
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Currently we lack some like ng_bridge and ng_iface, iocage is growing netgraph support, and we may possibly be using ng_nat for NAT in iocage. So we'll need these available.

Assigning to Ryan per discussion with Mav


#1 Updated by Ryan Moeller 10 months ago

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Brandon: I think netgraph is pretty neat, so this is very exciting :)
To confirm, you are asking for all the netgraph modules (ng_*)?

#2 Updated by Ryan Moeller 10 months ago

Taking a closer look, most of the netgraph modules probably are not too useful for jails.

The list I have narrowed it down to is:
  • bridge
  • eiface
  • ether (already a module)
  • iface
  • nat
  • netgraph (already a module)
  • socket (already a module)

Are these better as modules or built in to the kernel?

There are several others that could be interesting to have (bpf, ipfw, device, one2many, vlan, source, pipe, ...), but they are not generally applicable to the jails use case.

#3 Updated by Alexander Motin 10 months ago

While I liked NetGraph very much 10 years ago, these days it has performance problems due to very fine-grained locking. That is why I am not sure I'd like to see it as replacement for if_bridge or ipfw nat, at east without thinking twice.

What's about static linking into the kernel, I'd ask to avoid that unless there is very good reason for that. Adding few more modules cost us only some megabytes on boot device, which we have, while linking to kernel consumes DTrace type information slots, which we have only 32K and most are already used.

#4 Updated by Ryan Moeller 10 months ago

Ok, modules it is!

You have mentioned the locking problem before, I remember that. And I've previously done some measurements with mixed results. Some scenarios can saturate 10 Gbits, others max out around 3-4 with heavy CPU usage in the receive queue, and my measurements of ng_bridge to ng_ether on a tap for bhyve were pathetic. I haven't looked further in to how much of this is due to different hardware or different software versions or tap. I don't have written down how well ng_bridge does locally, either.
I sent a question to BSD Now several months ago asking about netgraph and why it fell out of use, but either I missed it or they didn't respond yet. Mostly I had hoped to spark interest in the audience so maybe performance optimizations would get discussed.

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