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Docs for "Microsoft Account" checkbox in user configuration are misleading / could be clearer

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The docs here:

In "Table 5.2.1 User Account Configuration" there's a row:

Microsoft Account / checkbox / Set if the user is connecting from a Windows 8 or higher system

This is a bit misleading. It implies that that checkbox must be set if the user uses Win8+. But as best as I can tell from the forums, it's only necessary if you use Microsoft's 'cloud' accounts as apposed to local computer accounts. The UI's help text is a bit more elaborated, but could be clarified too.


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I've spoke with Andrew. Here is what he said:


# SMB.CONF(5)           The configuration file for the Samba suite
    The username map is required for proper support of microsoft accounts
    that are also email addresses. See SMB.CONF(5) for more details.
    users = middleware.call_sync('user.query', [
        ('microsoft_account', '=', True),
        ('email', '!=', None),
        ('email', '!=', ''),


% if users:
% for user in users:
    ${user['username']} = ${user['email']}
% endfor
% endif

It creates a mapping between the user's configured email address and the username. So if the username is 'bob' and email address is , the user can authenticate by passing bob or as the username.

When a person uses a cloud account for logging into their PC, their local PC username will be something like , and this will be the first thing that windows attempts to use when authenticating to an SMB server.
So this is a convenience feature to allow users to auto-magically log into their SMB server without having to store separate credentials if their cloud account credentials are identical to the ones on the FreeNAS server."

He also mentioned that the setting does not just pertain to using a Microsoft cloud service. It does in fact need to be checked when connecting from a Windows machine as well (SMB share).

I've updated the guide: master PR:
angulargui PR:
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11.2-legacy PR:

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