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Allow multiple per-user SMB shares

Added by Craig Shiels almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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On a system being used as a target for PC backups using SMB, it would be desirable to have different data sets for system backups vs file backups so that different snapshot policies can be used.

At present I need to use "homes" as the backup target. This means that the same snapshot policy must be used for a users's "home" directory, system backups and file backups.

For file backups, I might want to snapshot once a day for 1 month. System backups I might want to do once a week. Home directory backups I might want to do every 3 hours.

At present this separation is not possible.

The goal is to have a tick box that allows "%U" to be appended to the path in smb4.conf. At present, smb4.conf has:

valid users = %D\%U
path = /mnt/pc_backup/%D/%U

What I want to do is have smb4.conf have the following:

valid users = %D\%U
path = /mnt/homes/%D/%U
valid users = %D\%U
path = /mnt/SystemBackup/%D/%U
valid users = %D\%U
path = /mnt/FileBackup/%D/%U

While there are workaround where /mnt/SystemBackup & /mnt/FileBackup are shared, for security reasons as well as simplicity for users, I would prefer to see user specific shares presented rather than general access shares.


#1 Updated by Craig Shiels almost 3 years ago

The goal would be to have something like this in the "SMB Sharing" page:

[ ] Homes
[ ] Private share for each user

If "Homes" is selected then the "Private share for each user" is a forced selection that cannot be changed.

If "Private share for each user" is selected then "%D/%U" is added to the share path used with samba.

#2 Updated by Dru Lavigne almost 3 years ago

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#4 Updated by Andrew Walker over 2 years ago

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I don't think we need another checkbox, but we can loosen up our path validation rules to allow the samba macros %D, %U, etc. Loosely targeted for 11.3.

#5 Avatar?id=14398&size=24x24 Updated by Kris Moore over 2 years ago

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