Bug #7540

Update failures after uploading config file from STABLE-update system to RELEASE

Added by Steve Schultheis over 5 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Updates failed (eventually) after going from STABLE to RELEASE and doing subsequent STABLE updates. See PNG screenshots at bug #7393 for what happened. This is because critical information was lost after doing the 'downgrade.'

What I wanted to do was upgrade my 4GB USB boot stick to 8GB. The 4GB stick was from a system that had some 9.3-STABLE updates already. I saved its config file, installed 9.3-RELEASE from the release ISO onto a new 8GB USB stick, installed the 8GB stick in the system, and uploaded my saved config file. A few updates worked after that, but they eventually failed.

After some email discussions with William Grzybowski it seems the safest way to do this is:

1. Install 9.3 release on a boot device.
2. Update this boot device to the latest STABLE update.
3. Update the current running system to the same latest STABLE update.
4. Save the config file from the current running system.
5. Shutdown the running system and Install the new boot device.
6. Upload the saved configuration file.

Perhaps this should be documented until/unless a different scheme is possible.


#1 Updated by Sean Fagan over 5 years ago

Am I reading this correctly, that you attempted to go from -STABLE to -RELEASE? That's a downgrade.

#2 Updated by Jordan Hubbard over 5 years ago

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#3 Updated by Steve Schultheis over 5 years ago

@Sean: Yes. Evidently I should have updated my -RELEASE installation to -STABLE before uploading my -STABLE config file to it. But freeNAS didn't complain when I did so, and in fact seemed to work OK for awhile.

#4 Updated by Sean Fagan over 5 years ago

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This is mostly William, then. But I'm going to hold on to this for a while whilst i think about some issues.

#5 Updated by Jordan Hubbard over 4 years ago

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BRB: Timing out and closing year-old ticket. We also decided that the cure was worse than the disease in this particular case.

#6 Avatar?id=14398&size=24x24 Updated by Kris Moore about 3 years ago

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