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Client Support for UPS (nut)

Added by vanhaakonnen - over 8 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

William Grzybowski
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It would be great when the GUI would support a client configuration for nut. At the moment [[FreeNAS]] acts as a master server only. There is no way to configure [[FreeNAS]] as a client for another NUT-Server.

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Revision 269f5d20 (diff)
Added by William Grzybowski about 7 years ago

Remove defunct ups_masterpwd in ix-ups While I'm here, Monitor User doesn't allow spaces or # Submitted by: paleoN ticket: #807


#1 Updated by Neil MacLeod over 8 years ago


Also see bug #258 requesting UPS/Nework UPS - although the ticket has been closed, it resolved only half of the request. Few professional IT environments run single items of equipment off a single UPS, therefore supporting the NUT protocol as one of many items of hardware powered by a common UPS and receiving status and shutdown notifications over the network is essential for [[FreeNAS]] to be taken seriously.

#2 Updated by Jens Olsson over 8 years ago


I would really love to have this feature as well. I have 2x [[FreeNAS]] boxes and only one UPS. Very hard to configure this today without extra hardware.

#3 Updated by Neil MacLeod over 8 years ago

William stated in a forum post that he didn't have equipment to help test/develop NUT functionality, so I created a thread to help move this forward however no input from developers yet, which is disappointing.

If you don't have NUT-capable equipment - which is a little hard to believe - then I'll be happy to help test any changes, which should be fairly minor as my thread suggests.

#4 Updated by William Grzybowski about 7 years ago

Client support added in [a39713c9]

#5 Updated by paleoN - about 7 years ago

ix-ups : One reference to now defunct ups_masterpwd field removed. : ups_monuser has the same requirements as ups_monpwd, no spaces or '#'.

#6 Updated by William Grzybowski about 7 years ago

Committed in [269f5d20], thanks for caught that up

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