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The page does not list a minimum size for the boot device(s), although it recommends using flash media of some sort.
I just found out the hard way that 8GB USB flash devices are not large enough to install 11.2.
This comes as a surprise, since 11.1 fit nicely into ~2.3GB (IIRC).
Before I run out and purchase more (16GB next time?) USB flash drives, what is the smallest allowable boot device?

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Hey Dru and Jeremy,

I'm glad to make this update but I'm unsure what the minimum should be in this case. The reporter says that it will not fit on their 8 GB drives, but the docs suggest 8 GB is the bare minimum. Should we change the docs to reflect that 16 GB is the minimum? I don't want to have inconsistent information on the same subject. Please let me know and I will update the requirements section of the website.

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We ran some tests and can confirm that 8GB devices are working here but 7 GB devices will fail. It's possible that the thumb drives being used do not actually have 8 GB of space available. It's very common to sell a 7.5 GB device as an 8 GB device.

Updated to match the Docs.

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