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Update ixl driver

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The Issue #28377 is still at large,

I have a 2x Supermicro 2-Port SFP+ Intel 10GbE LAN card PCI-e LP X710 DA, and the driver loaded is the 1.9.9-k.
I have attached a screenshoot of the server display by IPMI, and the daily security run output.

Whats done is enabling TSO, then all the interfaces are up & down.
Then we start seeing the interrupts, and the LAG is working har to keep the link up,
as it constantly switches between the NIC´s

and you can see its fluctuating , with txcsum up and down,
looks like the NIC resets it self and its settings.

This is reproduced also in FreeBSD Bugs ( )
They got it working on the ixl driver 2.1.0-k .

The latest driver from Intel is 3.3.6 , and is found here ( )

Ill create a new bug on the newest branch tomorrow morning ( 22.00 here. )

The intel drivers are for both ixgbe and ix, it compiles 3 different drivers and manuals.

I did create a jail, and made the driver there...
===> Staging for intel-ix-kmod-3.3.6_1
===> Generating temporary packing list
ex/usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/ix-3.3.6/src/if_ix.ko /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/boot/modules/if_ix_updated.ko
install -m 444 /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/ix-3.3.6/src/ixgbe.4 /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/
/bin/ln /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/ixgbe.4 /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/ix.4
/bin/ln /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/ixgbe.4 /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/if_ix.4
/bin/ln /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/ixgbe.4 /usr/ports/net/intel-ix-kmod/work/stage/usr/local/man/man4/if_ixgbe.4
====> Compressing man pages (compress-man)
===> Installing for intel-ix-kmod-3.3.6_1
===> Checking if intel-ix-kmod is already installed
===> Registering installation for intel-ix-kmod-3.3.6_1
[compiler] Installing intel-ix-kmod-3.3.6_1...

Did not manage to kdload it into FreeNAS, and I did not do a big try either, as I like my system stable :)

sec_output.txt (9.26 KB) sec_output.txt daily security output Andreas Martin Aanerud, 03/14/2019 01:48 PM
Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 21.33.35.png (219 KB) Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 21.33.35.png Screenshot of IPMI Andreas Martin Aanerud, 03/14/2019 01:48 PM

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Have you tried to request that at upstream FreeBSD? Intel has enough FreeBSD developers to do that. I would prefer to not diverge form upstream without significant need. We had to do it once when we had real problems with our new hardware, but we re-synchronized with upstream after that again as soon as we could.

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