Bug #8460

Changelog in email notification states "none"

Added by Joe Schmuck over 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Received this email yesterday and today and the changelog states None so I think something is wrong here (running FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201502271818).

A new update is available for the FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE train.


The actual changelog according to the freenas download section is:

#6994    Bug    Normal    Make poolnames using reserved words work
#7718    Feature    Normal    Add custom "home name" for netatalk
#7848    Bug    Low    error, when I try to add hast extent for iscsi target
#7871    Feature    Normal    Add warning to FreeNAS 9.3 wizard to prevent data loss
#8026    Bug    Normal    Shadow copies & recursive snapshots Redux again
#8034    Bug    Normal    Bug in sync_disks( causes problems with disk serial # and SMART tests
#8088    Bug    Normal    Restore FreeNAS System State to vanilla non-pool config when deleting the last or one and only pool on the system
#8089    Bug    Normal    API bug of Services/cifs
#8190    Feature    Normal    Add some ports
#8238    Feature    Normal    Support Tab Does Not Provide (or Mention) a Search Feature
#8239    Bug    Normal    New Support Tab Missing from Tree
#8253    Feature    Normal    Add auxiliary parameters section for Kerberos
#8286    Bug    Normal    Upgrade failure
#8295    Bug    Normal    Add User exception: Could not retrieve usernext
#8303    Bug    Low    Console error message after upgrade/reboot: "No configured interfaces were found. Try to do it manually." Freenas works fine: I can access from PC
#8308    Feature    Low    API missing function to clone a snapshot
#8322    Bug    Normal    Updater can get into an infinite loop with packages that use features I actually expected to work
#8333    Bug    Normal    File bug not working
#8357    Bug    Normal    zpool_version broken returns a single char but no real issues in consumer code
#8360    Bug    Normal    NetBIOS name doesn't accept underscore
#8361    Feature    Normal    Update SSSD to 1.11.7
#8363    Bug    Normal    Log license key (if any) when accessing the update server
#8368    Bug    Normal    Give support-proxy a boolean that tells it whether or not the user sent debug info
#8401    Bug    Normal    GUI support login
#8420    Feature    Normal    Boot Pool Size Monitoring
#8424    Bug    Low    "Performance Test" crashes when encrypted pool is not mounted
#8447    Bug    Urgent    CIFS sharing not working after update to FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201503070129
#8089    Bug    Normal    API bug of Services/cifs


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We fixed this yesterday. The link to the ChangeLog in the Update UI (and the ChangeLog in<date> ) is still accurate, so it's not hard to find the changes in the last 2 SUs, they just got left out of the package files.

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