Bug #8807

Changing anything that updates grub config causes Grub to scan every disk in the system

Added by Scott Call over 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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This may be related (or same as) bug #8612 (Chainloading bios drives) but what I'm seeing is every time I change, for example, a tunable, it takes upwards of 3-5 minutes to scan every one of my devices when grub-update is called.

I have ~95 HDDs, so it seems to scan all 95 "da" devices, all 95 GPTID devices, ~10 multipath GEOM diskX devices, etc.

I have the LSI bios disabled on the controller card in question, so the drives do not exist as BIOS drives (only the zfs mirror boot drives, on a separate controller, have BIO entries.)

I'm not sure what the best solution UX wise is (choose which drives to scan, only scan BIOS drives, or something else) but it does really slow things down when trying to add multiple tunables to a new system.


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I'm looking into this. Will see if we can find a way to speed this up, skip scanning all those devices.

#3 Updated by Sean Fagan over 5 years ago

If we can limit it to the devices in the freenas-boot pool, that'd be a win for us.

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Fixed this here:

On FreeNAS you will want to set GRUB_NODUALBOOT=YES in /usr/local/etc/defaults/grub

This will disable the probing of other disks for adding to the boot-menus. Obviously we will have this not set on PC-BSD, since we do have people who like to dual-boot.

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Over to Xin.

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