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Implement Edge Snapping in Lumina-DE

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Due to being based on Fluxbox, I'm not sure what is possible. What would be nice is something similar to how KDE's Kwin handles edge snapping of windows.

Top of the screen makes the window maximizes to the entire screen
Left side of the screen (between 1/4 and 3/4 of screen height) makes the window fill the left side of the screen.
Left side of the screen in the top 1/4 makes the window fill the upper left quadrant.
Left side of the screen in the lower 1/4 makes the window fill the lower left quadrant.
Similar behaviour for the right side of the screen.

I know this is somewhat possible through fluxbox but only through a key macro. If you add window positioning sizes to the ~/.fluxbox/keys file, you can assign a macro key to change the active window to that size/position

I dont know if Lumina-DE being somewhat based on Fluxbox would have the same capability to implement this in the same fashion that Kwin does.

Kwin implemented this back in 4.3 or 4.4 I think.

Due to different workflows, this would probably be best if it was an opt-in or opt-out feature, so that individual users could decide.


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This is on the list for the new Lumina-specific window manager. Not sure if Fluxbox will ever implement this in an automated fashion, but it might be a good idea to ask them directly.

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For what it's worth:

… I can't assume that a developer for OS X will be interested in helping PC-BSD, but IMHO the feature set of "SizeWell" so good that I had to ask. (Don't ask, don't get ;-)

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+1 for this feature

In my opinion this kind of window-management would improve the usability of Lumina a lot. I alway try to drag a program window to one side and expect it to fill this half of the screen. But nothing happens :-)

This functionality is explained here much better than I could: (Maybe the keyboard shortcuts of Windows 7 could be used?)

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