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# Subject Status Parent task Assignee
2445 Request for LCDproc to be added to FreeNAS system or official plugin Not Started Alexander Motin
3194 Rsync Monitor/Session GUI Not Started William Grzybowski
5601 Expose license to end user In Progress Dru Lavigne
9698 Implement Edge Snapping in Lumina-DE Screened Ken Moore
11048 AD configuration checker / verify / diagnostic tool - ish In Progress Andrew Walker
11282 Disk failure notification should be more detailed Not Started William Grzybowski
11527 allow multiple windows of a single app to be sent to a different workspace Screened Ken Moore
11780 Ability to scale a window's resolution Screened Ken Moore
12104 lumina-fm unresponsive during copy/paste operation Screened Ken Moore
12111 Setting cursor to anything other than its default settings leads to non-unform cursor appearance Screened JT Pennington
13406 Add support for Dynamic DNS Provider to services which have an API interface to manage the zone file Not Started Vladimir Vinogradenko
14754 Use ISO 8601 Timestamps on Syslog Messages Not Started Brandon Schneider
15303 Add scan function to Setup Replication in LP Screened Ken Moore
15534 Possible smartd mis-configuration for NVMe devices Blocked Vladimir Vinogradenko
16100 Redesign View Disks Page Not Started Erin Clark
16117 PC-BSD Network Manager fails to cease using custom DNS Screened Ken Moore
16149 PC-BSD Network Manager custom gateway discrepancy Screened Ken Moore
16608 Network Manager to allow stored preconfigured networks to be selectable for Ethernet connections Screened Ken Moore
16797 UEFI 'fixgrub' fails in TrueOS-Desktop-12.0-CURRENT-08-02-2016-x64-DVD.iso Unscreened
16835 Installing 10.3 to UEFI machine Unscreened
16839 Touch screen does not work for dynabookN51 Unscreened
17045 VM guest iscsi timeout recommendations Unscreened Warren Block
17293 TrueOS boot failes under qemu-kvm Unscreened
18010 When device removed from zpool, gpart/gmultipath fail with "Device Busy" Not Started William Grzybowski
18545 print/cups-filters-1.10.0 update replaced custom cups-browsed.con file Unscreened
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