Bug #24076

Updated by Saeed Ibrahim over 3 years ago

#23992 Bug Important The "reset to Factory Defaults" in the Console isn't working correctly
#23961 Bug Critical Encode issue in kerberos ticket
#23938 Bug Critical Plugin jail creation may end up with duplicated mac
#23932 Bug Important Jails with communication problem will hang plugin page for a good while
#23920 Feature Nice to have Update ZeroTier to 1.2.4
#23919 Bug Expected Is CVE­2016­10012 patched in the current 9.10.2-U3?
#23909 Bug Nice to have Typo in getting unused disks when there is iscsi disk device
#23907 Bug No priority Improve clarity of lagg member inactive alert
#23889 Bug Important middlewared.log has too much noise
#23887 Bug Important Traceback getting unused disks when there is a Disk iscsi extent
#23861 Bug Important Cannot Upload Saved Config
#23858 Bug Blocks Until Resolved Critical Alerts emailed every minute
#23846 Bug Important Wrong graphs shown for disks latency
#23844 Bug Expected Subject Alternative Name support in SSL certificates
#23836 Bug Important Increase default timeout for middleware client
#23835 Bug Nice to have Possible exception on update.get_pending
#23821 Bug Blocks Until Resolved upgraded from 9.3 to 11 stable
#23815 Bug Nice to have Typo in train downgrade alert
#23803 Bug Critical Losing default route after boot if no interface is configured (DHCP)
#23802 Bug Important Include middleware log on timeout exceptions from GUI
#23800 Bug Nice to have Update iocage to cd6334eb0236642d7294149552a197312037bb68
#23783 Bug Important Web interface not available after upgrade to 11.0 RC
#23774 Bug Important Add middlewared event to tell when system has been booted
#23764 Bug Expected Certificate in api doc shows mostly empty, not sure if it's done or not
#23761 Bug Important Update iocage to latest version.
#23760 Bug Nice to have jsonify the response coming from the API call.
#23749 Bug Important Failure at jail creation will not be reported correctly
#23705 Bug Nice to have Make sure homedir exists in replication pairing
#23704 Bug Important Traceback when there is no jail matching plugin
#23689 Bug Important s3 Secret Key - Incorrect Length
#23593 Bug Expected mountd quoted parsing is not right
#23591 Bug No priority Unable to reboot VM. FreeNAS 11 GUI and bhyvectl show different status.
#23390 Feature Nice to have Make Zerotier available to Freenas OS
#21639 Feature Important Add warning if lagg members aren't all active when they should be.
#20970 Feature Important Bump log retention
#20212 Bug Important traceback on factory restore on 201701120619 (40e8230)