Bug #23615

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h3. _NOTE: I wasn't sure what Category this should go in and figured home directory relates best to Shell_

I changed the root home directory to the users directory I use for all all other users (@/mnt/nas-system/users@), as I store scripts and system files I've modified that need to be copied over after an update in the root home folder (@/root@), which is not ideal due to @/root@ being wiped after an update.
* I realized after changing the root home directory, all jails created now have the new directory (@/mnt/nas-system/users/root@) specified as their root home directory, which creates a major problem since *@~@* is now broken in all [non-plugin] jails created (_not sure about plugin jails, as I don't use them_).
** _If this is not expected behavior, should I create an additional bug report?_

<pre><code class="text">
[root@crashplan-1] /# cd ~
/mnt/nas-system/users/root: No such file or directory.

The WebGUI requires the home directory to be on a dataset other than boot, also creating a problem is the boot dataset is not shown, ergo, once changed via the WebGUI, it's no longer possible to revert back to @/root@ on the boot dataset for root's home directory.
* While reverting root's home directory back to @/root@ will save successfully in the WebGUI, it will remain unchanged after the save.
** Changing via @chsh root@ doesn't work either.
* I also noticed when I went to edit root, and accidentally clicked on daemon instead, after selecting save I received the error _"Home directory has to start with /mnt/ or be /nonexistent"_
** _Possible expected behavior as a safe guard against unintentional editing of system users?_

I'm not sure if this is expected behavior or a bug, and if it is expected behavior, what is the recommended procedure to revert root's home directory back to the boot dataset via cli?