Bug #26104

Updated by Dru Lavigne over 2 years ago

When setting up vlans from the local console via the netcli menu, the vlan options don't work quite like you'd expect.

If you choose option 3 (Configure VLAN Interface), then Option 1 (Select a parent interface) and then choose a parent interface you get the below query:

Enter an option from 1-13: 3

1) Create VLAN Interface
2) Delete VLAN Interface
Enter an option from 1-2 (enter q to quit): 1
1) cxl0
2) cxl1
3) lagg0
Select a parent interface (q to quit): 2
Enter an interface name (vlanXX) or a to abort:

If you want to use a single-digit vlan number, it seems logical that you'd use something like 'vlan04' instead of 'vlan4' since the query says "vlanXX". Unfortunately, this does not work and there are problems and the vlan configuration does not work. The input is accepted as valid, and I verified the information was stored in the configuration database, but then when you reboot for the vlan to be applied, it fails to apply. In particular, the vlan interface does not get created (a traceback on bootup occurs, but scrolls very quickly by). Simply changing the input from 'vlan04' to 'vlan4' resolved the issue.

This issue was identified during an after-hours call when working with a customer that had Gold support. John Hixson had to do some basic troubleshooting before it became apparent of this issue. The customer had an outage that was extended by almost 3 hours more than planned because of this issue.

Additionally, the menu options could probably be simplified. For example, I provided the below input:

Select a parent interface (q to quit): 2
Enter an interface name (vlanXX) or a to abort: vlan4
Enter a VLAN Tag or a to abort: 4

I think we should simply get rid of the vlanXX input for the interface name and simply ask for the VLAN Tag. Then take whatever number they put in, and preface it with 'vlan' to make the interface name. Someone could easily enter 'vlan4' and then for the tag input put some other arbitrary number that would add more confusion. I'll leave that to the developers to decide if this simplification is something we should do or not. Personally, I can't think of a time when we'd want to name the interface something different.