Bug #30696

Updated by emil laws over 2 years ago

As documented in this thread:

*Goal*: The goal is a FreeNAS system that uses the MS Active Directory user path "OU=FS User, "CN=Users, DC=XXX, DC=XXX" in Samba.

*Status*: We can see only the users in the path "CN=Users, DC=XXX, DC=XXX", but we need users of the path: "OU=XXX User, Users, DC=XXX, DC=XXX" at the moment. We can only use the users on FreeNAS or the AD users in the default AD path. So we can’t use the FreeNAS system for our MS AD users. We added the user base: "OU=XX Users" and the group base: "OU=XX Groups" but to no effect. We can’t see errors or signs of using the changed user base in the logs of Samba.

*Wish*: See all AD users and AD groups in the changed paths to use Samba with these entries.