Bug #34669

Updated by Michael Reynolds over 3 years ago

iocage does not use VirtIO for networking, only VNET.

The main issue is the Jail Wizard offers VirtIO as the networking choice while creating a new jail when it should be VNET.

Found the Wizard issue while testing during userguide review.

Double checked/confirmed with Brandon.

Searched the Jail directories for any other mentions of VirtIO:

grep -iR VirtIO *
jail-add/jail-add.component.ts: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. <b>VirtIO</b> \
jail-edit/jail-edit.component.ts: Configuration Protocol enabled. <b>VirtIO</b> and \
jail-wizard/jail-wizard.component.ts: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. <b>VirtIO</b> \
jail-wizard/jail-wizard.component.ts: placeholder: T('VirtIO Virtual Networking'),
jail-wizard/jail-wizard.component.ts: tooltip: T('Use VirtIO to emulate network devices for the \
jail-wizard/jail-wizard.component.ts:"target="_blank">VIRTIO(4)</a> for more details.'),
jail-wizard/jail-wizard.component.ts: this.summary[T('VirtIO Virtual Networking')] = res ? T('Yes') : T('No');

jail-add fixed
jail-edit fixed
jail-wizard fixed

I think this is important enough to include in 11.2-Beta1