Feature #36953

Updated by William Grzybowski almost 2 years ago

Creating a debug file can take a long time, would it be possible for the middleware to return a percentage so the user knows that the task is doing something.

------- William's description below -----

Currently debug file generation happens on legacy UI code, two things need to happen here:

1. Code to generate debug has to be moved from UI to middlewared, making legacy UI call middleware (it needs to be a job method). middleware.

2. Generating debug has to be changed (its a shell script program) to be more verbose while running:
a. we need to first calculate the amount of modules that are going to run
b. before each module runs we need to print the percentage of modules that have ran so far and what the modules does, e.g.
0%: generating system information
5%: running disk latency script
c. on middlewared we will run that script reading the stdout and parsing each line, updating the job progress with percent and description

This is a high risk task since it touches a critical piece of the software which is providing debug from customer to diagnose issues without requiring calls.

*Acceptance Criteria*
Once this is completely we will be able to check out progress of save debug using middlewared websocket call. Code will be necessary in the new UI to show the changes.