Feature #37363

Updated by William Grzybowski almost 2 years ago

Needed for TrueView:
Add an API call which will return the entire system configuration settings/database.

This will be used to generate an audit trail by comparing the settings before/after a user has directly accessed a FreeNAS system.

It would be nice if the settings were reported as a JSON data object for easier parsing/comparison later - but that is not essential.

We need a new API call called datastore.dump_json where it will go through all models/tables as an array.
Each item of the array will be compromised of:

- table_name
- verbose_name
- fields
- name
- verbose_name
- database_type
- entries
key: val

This offer low risk since this is just an API addition

*Acceptance Criteria*
Calling `midclt call datastore.dump_json` should provide a full dump of the database in JSON format.