Feature #39573

Updated by Dru Lavigne about 2 years ago

Update Plugins I'd like to these versions update the iocage plugins to latest version of FreeBSD Ports.

Backuppc: Steps needed:
Bit Torrent Sync: - Merge FreeBSD Ports to Iocage Ports
- Build a New Set of packages and roll them out
- Test and Adjust all existing plugins [1]

Existing Plugins

BRU Server: Server
Couch Potatoe: Potatoe
Clamav: Clamav
Deluge: Deluge
Emby: Emby
Mad Sonic: Sonic
Jenkin LTS: LTS
Jenkin: Jenkin
MineOS: Nextcloud
Nextcloud: Plex
Plex: Quasselcore
Plex Server: SickRage
Quasselcore: Sonarr
Redmine: Subsonic
SickRage: Syncthing
Sonarr: Tarsnap
Subsonic: Transmission
Syncthing: Bit Torrent Sync
Tarsnap: Plex Server
Transmission: Redmine

maybe i missed something but shouldt be a problem :).

ETA: About 3 days [2]

[1] - Knowing that redmine was updated with a bunch of new dependency might break the iocage plugin
- Knowing that gitlab was renamed in ports and comes with 4 major releases since our last update it will surely break and needs time to fix (also seems like gitlab plugin have high demands now)

[2] I hope this will be the maximum, we dont now how bad the impact will be to all plugins and how much time it will be needed to fix