Bug #66042

Updated by Dru Lavigne almost 2 years ago

This has now been seen on 3 customer systems.

It is extremely easy to cause irreversible damage to your zpool.
In the webUI, under the "manual" option for creating a zpool the dialog box is extremely confusing. When using that dialog box to create a zpool, there are a list of disks that you can highlight with a mouse-click and then there is a list of disks that have radio boxes to choose what type of zfs device that disk should be.

What's happening is that the customer is choosing the "pmem0" device as a "log" device in the radio box option, and then they're highlighting the "pmem0" device in the scroll-down list of disks.

The moment you highlight the disk in the scroll-down list, it removes that device from the radio check box options. The customers are thinking that they chose the "log" device and then "highlighted" the correct device and click on create.

When they choose to do it this way, it adds the "pmem0" device as a top-level striped vdev. This is irreversible and ruins the zpool which ultimately causes us to evacuate the zpool, destroy it, and recreate it. 1 customer has lost their entire zpool, the other 2 are going through a migration.

I'm choosing the category for this ticket as "GUI (new)" however, that is incorrect but I don't see a "GUI (legacy)" option in the list.