Bug #67618

Updated by Anonymous over 1 year ago

I've had this issue ever since installing my freenas 11.1; I just recently upgraded to 11.1.u6 (which listed an fix for emails), and then latest 11.2, but the same issue occurs.

My SMTP details are correct (I've tested them with regular email client).

When I click Send test email, the following error displays in Freenas UI:

@[EFAULT] ` [EFAULT] 'ascii' codec can't encode character '\xe9' in position 37: ordinal not in range(128)@ range(128) `

Thanks for any help/assistance on how to get my freenas to send me mails :)

> **sidenote**
> When
sidenote -- I just tried sending this report via Freenas UI's Support (so Support, so as to attach debug info), debug; however, for some reason, the initial password I set for my account was refused and it would say my my login/password were incorrect...
> I
I've simplified the password...3 times. So there my password... but this has to be due to some limitation on the Freenas side, as Redmine redmine itself was happy with the 3-4 different passwords password (in lowering length & complexity) that I used.
Should I report a bug for that?