Bug #68581

Updated by Dru Lavigne over 1 year ago

Specifically, I'm creating a separate ticket for this allows (via "-V vhostname") telling nfsd what to make it easier for me (and others) to track. This is related to #52171, but going the other way.

We have code, written by John, to handle a "virtual hostname"; this is actually setting the
principal for kerberos/gssapi, since having it set to use, instead of the hostname. This host name causes problems with failover.

nfsd currently uses a filename for this. The options to consider before upstreaming are:
# Continue to use a filename
# Change it to use a command-line option.

Changing would require some other changes on our end, but I don't think anything huge -- just in how the service
is used for HA fail-over. configured.