Bug #65214

Updated by Dennis Mullen 9 months ago

On the update page, the new 'Refresh' button near top-right should cause the page to check for updates.


While running OS: FreeNAS 11.2-release, discovered missing field designated to display information what update repository (train) is currently used for the OS updates/upgrades.
Instead of displaying the current 'Train' just a single symbols '-' is displayed.
Please see attached screen-shot.

Damien Myracle.

PS: It appears there is no functionality in the new UI included to force/initiate the repository sync to check if there is update available. There was such button/functionality in the legacy UI.
This is important because as a systems admin, typically I access UI of the system, while firewall rules on the network guard and block any outgoing connections to the FreeNAS/TrueNAS hosts.
Once logged in to the UI of the NAS, I briefly modify access lists criteria to allow the NAS hosts communications with the repository mirrors, and that's why it is very useful, almost necessary to have a functionality with in the UI to trigger a new attempt to check for the updates.

Dev team, please consider to bring back this functionality from the legacy UI to the new UI of the FreeNAS and eventually TrueNAS.

Thank you ;)

Damien Myracle